Graduate Courses

The graduate syllabuses of the different subjects have been prepared by the Cotton University faculty, incorporating inputs from external experts. This is perhaps a unique experiment where College faculty have worked enthusiastically to prepare new improved syllabuses for each subject. These have been prepared to also encourage self-learning processes, in addition to the standard lecture schedule, and have been put in the L+T+P (Lectures + Tutorials + Practicals) structure. A road map for a Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and Continuous Assessment and Grading Pattern (CAGP) has been adopted by the Academic Council and approved by the Executive Council of Cotton University. Cotton University will endeavour to offer the best education possible with the available resources and infrastructure, and at the same time continue to work vigorously on improving the facilities.

The undergraduate syllabuses are being uploaded after they have gone through the University procedures. The core papers, labeled C, are for those who are taking the subject as a major one and hence specialising in it. The elective papers, labelled E, are presently meant for students who are taking another subject as a major one. Several departments have worked out the syllabuses for more than one elective (E) paper. However, due to logistic constraints only one elective paper will be decided by the respective departments this year. The University is facilitating the studying of a Modern Indian Language (MIL) by science students (as a compulsory paper), while students in the arts and humanities streams with an MIL background will study the language at depth.