University Emblem

The official emblem of Cotton University was unveiled in the year 1933. The emblem was designed by Late Mohendra Nath Deka Phukan, an ex-Cottonian. This emblem is just like a shield meaning the symbol of protection of Assam. The shield comprises of two color - orange signifying the sense of Tyaga wherein lies the sense of renunciation and green symbolizing peace. The oval-shaped arc with eight corners reminds us of the glory of Ahom kingdom. The blue color is used to mean the clear and vast sky that teaches us to widen our hearts embracing all. The hills in the emblem remind us of the Asomiya people belonging to the plains and hills of Assam. The rising sun behind the hills symbolizes hope and light. The sun also signifies that it is the dispeller of darkness. The lamp burning in the middle is used to indicate the light of knowledge. The "Sarai" immediately below the lamp tells us of the glory of ancient Assam. The stars indicate the path of progress beyond limitation.

            The University Emblem gives us all that Assam has had and as such it makes us to understand that students in their alma mater must be invigorated with the meaningful ideas that can make us great in the truest sense.