Gandhi Fellowship Program Batch 2023-25

Posted on : Feb 24, 2023


Students from UG 6th and PG4th semester are hereby notified to join the Orientation cum Registration session for applying to the Gandhi Fellowship under Piramal Foundation scheduled to be held on 3rd March, 2023 at MCB 311 from 1 pm onwards. For further details please contact

Dr Merry Baruah, Dept of English

Cotton University

Phn 7896872280.





What is Gandhi Fellowship?

Started in 2008, the Gandhi Fellowship Program is an opportunity for the nation’s promising youth to solve India’s most pressing problems in education and health system by working closely with government primary schools and education officials and also the health officials. It is a 2-year full time residential fellowship program that helps young people connect to the grassroot, understand issues first-hand, and implement innovative solutions to cause change in self, system and society.

Gandhi Fellowship Program is designed in designed in a way that helps fellows to practice a cyclic process of- ‘Plan- Act- Reflect- Share- Plan’. Additionally, processes like Vipassana(meditation) and Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning help Fellows gain self-awareness enabling them to have a better grip on self.

 At Gandhi Fellowship you will learn to:


  • Be Self- Aware
  • Develop Empathy and Influence Without Authority (IWA): Fellows develop empathy through processes of Community and System Immersions wherein they live in the community, engage with stakeholders of the community ecosystem, understand the issues from their perspective and work to co-create solutions.
  • Build Peer Network: The Fellowship brings together Fellows from diverse cultural, educational and work backgrounds and different geographies. Each Fellow has exceptional prowess. They learn to be more collaborative by solving problems together, accepting diverse viewpoints, staying together and exchanging ideas.  



Understand Problems at Grassroot And Find Solutions:

While living within the community where they work during the process of community immersion, Gandhi Fellows understand the issues and needs at first hand, engage with social issues at grassroots and devote their energies to solve the issues by taking initiative to improve government school ecosystem by working in collaboration with various stakeholders at different levels.


Influence Society and System:

The Gandhi Fellowship Program has a robust curriculum which includes processes like intense Field Support, Community and System Immersions, Community Projects, and Classroom Immersions. These processes provide our Fellows an opportunity to learn and practice important life skills like acceptance, empathetic listening, openness and inclusivity.

Create and Implement Projects That Can Cause Impact at Scale:

'Public System Project' is one of the processes in the Fellowship, wherein Fellows identify a problem in the community or school, carry out thorough research work, find sustainable solutions, collaborate with stakeholders, raise necessary resources and implement the ideas. This process inculcates an entrepreneurial attitude in Fellows and exposes them to an immersive experience of setting up an enterprise.


Manage Stakeholders:

The Gandhi Fellowship Program is based on the principle of collaboration. The pathway of the Fellow is designed to enable him/her to collaborate with a diverse set of stakeholders such as children, community leaders, education/health officials, professionals, youth and varied organizations. This experience of collaboration cultivates in the Fellow the knowledge, skill, and mindset necessary to become an inclusive and influential leader.  

Who can apply for Gandhi Fellowship?

Final year Graduation/ Post Graduation students and candidates up to 26 years of age.

What do you do as Gandhi Fellow?

As a Gandhi Fellow, you will be assigned to any one of our programs which (Aspirational Districts Collaborative, Tribal Health Collaborative, Digital Bharat Collaborative, Health, Education and Climate Change ). All our programs follow a uniform Fellowship course. Some fellows will also be allotted to any one Program to work in both the domains.(For details see annexure below).

Life after Fellowship

The Fellowship team maps Fellows’ progress and competencies over the course of the program, help them articulate their private dream and kickstart their career in the same direction. Many of our Fellows set up their own social enterprises, some go for higher studies abroad and within the country, while many get placed at top development, consulting and corporate organizations.

NEST Alumni Platform

NEST (Network, Engage, Support, Transfer Knowledge) is the robust alumni platform of the Gandhi Fellowship and has a vibrant network of over 888 alumni (as of 2019) spread across the country. Under the aegis of NEST, a Gandhi Fellowship Alumnus can:

  • Network- meet industry experts, connect to popular Alumni who have carved out their own journeys and get a chance to make the right move to realize the impact career they have always dreamt of.
  • Engage- with mentors (domain experts), peers/alumni to not just grow professionally but to also support each other's personal growth.
  • Support- a well-known concept for Gandhi Fellows, to revive that spirit of camaraderie and help each other through thick and thin.
  • Transfer Knowledge- seek and support through skill building sessions, increase domain knowledge. NEST provides the opportunity to Gandhi Fellowship Alumni to lead, collaborate, and execute projects.

NEST brings together the community of Gandhi Fellowship Alumni and provides them opportunities to lead, collaborate and discover the right career that can create a positive impact.

Safety of Gandhi Fellow

  1. Physical Safety: 

We take in confidence the local law enforcing agencies informing them of our work, initiatives and Fellows’ movements in the given area for ensuring Fellows’ safety. A Program Leader remains in constant touch with the Fellow.

  1. Medical Safety: 

All our Fellows are covered under the medical and accidental insurances. In the event of any medical situation, the treatment is fully covered under the insurance and all other allied needs are taken care of.

  1. Emotional Support: 

The entire Fellowship team is trained and geared to support and guide the Fellows in their endeavours. The Program Leader remains in daily contact with the Fellows and s/he constantly acts as a support system for the Fellows ensuring better emotional and mental health.

  1. Prevention of Sexual Harassment: 

As part of our commitment to create a safe work environment for all, we enforce and strictly observe the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) at the workplace Policy. We have also institutionalized the Internal Committee (IC) Panel for investigating internal complaints. 

Stipend and Allowances-Every Gandhi Fellow shall be entitled to an all-inclusive monthly grant of Rs. 25000-28000/-month which will be inclusive of all expenses depending on location. They are also medically insured for 2 years.

Applications for Gandhi Fellowship Batch 2023-25 are open. Apply Now!

To apply visit this link-


For application related queries, contact – Nilakshi Chsakraborty- 6003293825


Point of contact: (Monday to Saturday- 10 am to 5 pm)



91 Springboard Business Hub Pvt. Ltd.,

B-l / H-3, Mathura Rd, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate,

New Delhi, 110044


To know more about us visit our website-




Aspirational Districts Collaborative

Our Presence: 112 Aspirational Districts

Problem: 100 Mn Indians living in 112 Aspirational Districts, with very low HDs and poor access to basic facilities.

Innovation: Hyper local Collaboration with NGOs, Colleges, Media, Faith Leaders, Panchayats and Self Help Groups to drive campaigns, shape views, drive beliefs and influence behavioral change. A collaborative platform to catapult India towards transformation where we have partnered with NITI Aayog to improve the indices across 112 Aspirational Districts.

Tribal Health Collaborative

Our Presence: 177 Districts

Problem: 100+Mn tribal people across India report the lowest HDIs compared to any other sub population,

Innovation: Bridge access to health by including Tribal healers and traditional practices. • With Inclusion being key to transforming lives of 700+ tribal communities, we are currently engaged in 4 states viz Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Assam to organize and leverage the Tribal community influencers viz Tribal Healers, Women & Youth Volunteers, NGOs etc, to improve access to health, increase child mortality and reduce preventable deaths especially among pregnant mothers. We also influence state policy and build capacity of State and Central Govt. NGOs in working with Tribals.

Digital Bharat Collaborative

Our Presence: 5 Indian States

Problem: Sub optimal use of technology hinder universal access, timely, quality service delivery of government health services.

Innovation: Holistic digital transformation to improve government to citizen services. Enhancing experiences of citizens in accessing government services, we are currently supporting the Government of Bihar with health and education solutions using a holistic digital transformation approach for real time data-based decision making through process reengineering and leveraging technology, in line with the national Digital Health mission and National Digital Education Architecture, We hope to use our learnings from Bihar to further expand to other states viz Jharkhand, Assam, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat,

Health, Education and Climate Change- Health Initiatives: Present in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Odisha, Bihar and J&K to build Leadership skills of Government officials and improve public health by creating awareness on nutrition, communicable and non-communicable disease, reproductive maternal & child health. Education Initiatives: Working towards enhancing student learning in Primary Schools by incorporating Social Emotional Learning, PISA Readiness, Aesthetic and Physical literacy in the curriculum across India.











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