The University Emblem

            The official emblem of this age-old institution was unveiled in the year 1933. It was designed by Mohendra Nath Deka Phukan, an alumnus of Cotton College. Shaped like a shield, the emblem stands as a guiding spirit, protecting the land and its spirit. The shield comprises of two colours – orange signifying the sense of ‘Tyaga,’ that is, renunciation, and green symbolizing peace and fecundity. The octagonal arc is unmistakably regal and reminiscent of the glory of the Ahom kingdom. The blue at the core is representative of the clear and vast sky that suggests the wide expanse of an all-encompassing wisdom. The hills signify the distinct geographical and cultural diversity of ‘Axom’. The rising sun, the dispeller of darkness, signals hope and light. Knowledge, like a beacon, radiates from the lamp burning at the centre, perched on the ‘Xorai’ that enshrines the heritage of ancient Assam. The twin stars encapsulate the institution’s motto of the pursuit of knowledge beyond boundaries, as the rich past inspires the institution’s future.