Computer Centre

The Computer Centre of Cotton University was setup in the year 2017 after the historic merger and upgradation of Cotton College and Cotton College State University. The Centre is located in the second floor of the S.K. Bhuyan Library. The centre has two computer labs consisting of sixty computers with licensed operating systems as well as open source ones. The centre also houses the servers and the core network switches which provide the campus wide internet service as well other computational facilities. The setup acts as the nerve centre for the campus wide network which connects around 2000 nodes. As the University is connected to the National Knowledge Network, the core router is placed here and the internet service is distributed through the connected fibre optic network to all departments and offices.

The centre is manned by four technical persons who provide support for the various requirements of the University.

a. Online admissions

b. Support for all online examinations

c. Hardware and Network maintenance of systems

d. Support for all events comprising sound and display

e. Basic computer training of staff and employees

f. Internet services through proxy server and secured gateway.

g. Institutional website

h. Student portal catering to all students for in house results, payment receipts, announcements

i. Support for recruitments including hybrid mode of interviews.

j. Providing support for external examinations

k. Webmail service for faculty and research scholars

l. VPN support for subscribed online journal.

In addition to above, the entire University LAN based network is connected through optical fibre cables of and UTP cables providing network to over 500 PCs/Workstations/Laptops other than Wi-Fi connections. As of today, almost 100% campus is Wi-Fi enabled providing access to all students/staff through authenticated proxy access.