Academic Council

Constitution of the Cotton University, Executive Council vide Clause No. 27(1) of the CU Act, 2017

Sl.No Clause Sub-clause Sub-sub-clause Provision of the Act Name(s) Tenure Email ID/ Mobile Number
1 29 (1) (a) (i) The Vice- Chancellor Prof. Ramesh Ch Deka
2     (ii) Pro Vice- Chancellor Prof. Ganesh Chandra Wary
3     (iii) Registrar Dr. Arindam Garg
4     (iv) Academic Registrar Prof. Sudipta Nandy
5     (v) The Director of Higher Education; Shri Dharmakanta Mili, ACS
6     (vi) The Director of Technical Education, Assam; Shri Dhrubajyoti Borah, ACS
7     (vii) The Director of Medical Education, Assam; Dr. Anup Kr BarmanDirector of Medical Education, Guwahati-22
8     (viii) The Deans of Faculties;
  1. Prof. Kalyan Das, Dean Earth Sciences
  2. Prof. Mahadev Patgiri, Dean R&D
  3. Prof. Manjit Kumar Bhattacharyya, Dean SW
  4. Prof. Mausumi Ganguly, Dean, PCM
  5. Prof. Phukan Basumatary, Dean, LLL
  6. Dr. Shantanu Chakravarty, Dean i/c, HSS
  7. Dr. Uma Dutta, Dean i/c, Life Sciences.






9     (ix) The Professors of the University;
  1. Prof. Barnali Gogoi
  2. Prof. Debojit Sarma
  3. Prof. Dipak Sarma
  4. Prof. Ganesh Ch Wary
  5. Prof. Jiban Jyoti Das
  6. Prof. Kalyan Das
  7. Prof. Mahadev Patgiri
  8. Prof. Maheswar Kalita
  9. Prof. Manabjyoti Bordoloi
  10. Prof. Manjit Kumar Bhattacharyya
  11. Prof. Mausumi Ganguly
  12. Prof. Phukan Ch Basumatary
  13. Prof. Santanu Sarma

10     (x) The University Associate Professor who are Heads of Department of Teaching;

      1. Dr Abhijit Bardoloi

      2. Dr Abhijit Barthakur

     3. Dr Bornali Sharma

     4.  Dr Champakali Talukdar

     5.  Dr Chandana Sarma

     6.  Dr Deetimali Barua Nath

     7.  Dr Eeshan Kalita

     8. Dr Kusum Kunja Malakar

    9. Dr Mandira Sarma

    10. Ms Manisha Sarma

     11. Dr Noor Uddin Ahmed

     12. Dr Paramita Dey

      13. Dr Phunu Das Sarma

      14. Dr Prashanta Chakraborty

      15. Dr Sagarika Goswami

      16. Dr Sangeeta Barthakur

      17. Dr Uma Dutta

      18. Dr. Tilak Hazarika

       19. Dr. Hiten  Choudhary

       20. Dr. Dilip Gogoi


    (xi) The Librarian of the University; Dr Suresh Nath, (i/c)
12     (xii) President and Secretary of University Teachers’ Association
  1. Prof Dipak Sarma,
President, CUTA
  1. Dr. Jnanendra Barman

13     (xiii) The Principal of Constituent Colleges, if any.      
14   (b) (xiv) Persons not exceeding three, other than teachers of the University, appointed by the Chancellor being persons who by reasons of their possessing expert knowledge in subjects named for the purpose by the ex-officio members of the Academic Council are in the opinion of the Chancellor fitted to serve in the Council;
  1. Prof. Dhruba Kr. Bhattacharyya, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Tezpur University
  1. Prof. Swaroop Nandan Bora, IIT, Guwahati
  1. Prof. Malinee Goswami, Former Vice –Chancellor, Assam Women’s University


15     (xv) Two persons to be elected by the Court, who are not employees or students of the University; and
  1. Prof. Abani Kumar Bhagabati, Formerly in the Dept of Geography, GU
  2. Prof. Chnadana Goswami, Dept of Business Administration, Tezpur University


16     (xvi) Two members (one female) of the Cotton College/ Cotton University Alumni (to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor)
  1.  Prof. Madhurjya P. Bezbaruah, Dept of Economics, GU
  2. Prof. Polly Vauquline, Dept of Women’s Studies, GU