Postgraduate Courses

The postgraduate syllabuses of the different subjects have been prepared by Cotton College faculty and external experts. These have been prepared to encourage self-learning processes, and all courses have been put in the L+T+P (Lectures + Tutorials + Practicals) structure. These are in accordance with a Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and Continuous Assessment and Grading Pattern (CAGP) adopted by the Academic Council and approved by the Executive Council of Cotton College State University. CCSU will continue to keep examining the syllabuses periodically with the help of external experts, via the Boards of Studies, incorporating new ideas and developments.  Web links to good resource material in the different subjects will also be gradually put in place. Suggestions and comments may be sent to the Vice Chancellor, CCSU (

CCSU will endeavour to provide the best possible broad-based, holistic education to our students with the available resources and infrastructure, and at the same time continue to work vigorously on improving the facilities. 

The syllabuses are being uploaded after they have gone through the University procedures. The core papers, labeled C, are for those who are specialising in the discipline. The elective papers, labelled E, in the postgraduate syllabuses are also for students specialising in the discipline. For this academic year, 2014-2015, these papers will be confined to only those students specialising in the discipline. In future
these papers will also open to students specialising in other disciplines. The choices will depend on our logistic constraints. Each semester consists of courses usually totalling 19 credits in the various departments, and a compulsory paper of 1 credit, totalling 20 credits. The compulsory papers either address special needs of students for developing skills or expose them to different subjects and areas of interest.

Each new postgraduate student admitted this year will be required to take one of the compulsory papers on offer, which will vary from semester to semester. These courses are of one credit only.