Guidance and Counselling Cell

Smt. Meenakshi Barthakur, Consultant Psychologist, Cotton University, will be available for consultation every Monday from 2.00 pm in the University campus. She may be reached at 98642 67379.

A healthy mind and spirit along with a fit body is of prime significance to lead a happy life. The well-being of its stakeholders has always been a priority of Cotton University. Emotional counselling of students has been a priority practice in the erstwhile Cotton College too. However, the post–pandemic period has necessitated a greater urgency to focus on the emotional needs of student community as well as teaching and non-teaching members. With the primary intent to address the emotional requirements and to help resolve the psychological issues therein, the University has established the Guidance and Counselling Cell on 19th May 2022. Helmed by a team of dedicated faculty members and with adequate and timely support from the administration, the Cell has been working towards facilitating personal well-being of the students/teachers/non-teaching staff through the support and guidance of trained counsellors.


  1. To help students with academic goals, social and personal development.
  2. To enhance listening skills.
  3. To encourage empathy and interpersonal skills to foster healthy relationships.
  4. To facilitate positive behaviour changes.
  5. To promote decision making process and help students to realize their potential.


  1. To provide students with professional guidance and holistic counselling.
  2. To address the academic, personal as well as interpersonal issues of students.
  3. To empower students to actualize their true potential in the greater prospect of life.


  1. To provide a proactive and development-specialized assistance to students by addressing their academic, career, personal and social needs.
  2. To enable them to acknowledge their strength and overcome weaknesses.
  3. To recognise the cognitive and affective needs of students.
  4. To impart informed methods and perspectives to deal with such problems.
  5. To foster psychological immunity in students.
  6. To facilitating the ability to stay grounded in face of challenges in life.
  7.   To promote a humane society.


The Cell encourages students to acknowledge the issues that trouble them—these problems could be personal, emotional, social, family, peer pressures, academic and sexual among others. This is achieved through individual counselling so that the students are able to find support in issues that trouble them. A significant step in this direction has been the appointment of Smt. Meenakshi Barthakur, Consultant Psychologist, Cotton University, NLUJA and MIND India Wellness Centre, with the aim of offering regular and free counselling to students and staff. Smt. Barthakur will be available for free consultation every Monday from 2.00 pm in the University campus. The role of the Counsellor is to offer support by listening and responding to students’ issues and queries in a confidential, non-judgemental and timely manner. Students are encouraged to recognise and assess their struggles that may include academic stress, anxiety, depression, social addictions and any other problem they face. The Cell also conducts regular workshops, seminars and special events to assist students and also facilitates expression and discussion of problems among the teaching and non-teaching members of the University. In addition the Cell encourages regular feedback from the students and teaching fraternity (albeit confidentially) regarding the effectiveness of the consultation sessions and the redressal of their problems. 


Reports :

1. Report date  : 22nd June, 2022

In conjunction to its aim of promoting mental health of the students and equipping them with necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills to address their internal and external issues of life, the Guidance and Counselling Cell has been organizing a host of comprehensive programs including talks and workshops to facilitate deeper understanding and acknowledgement of one’s emotional and social needs



Smt. Meenakshi Barthakur

98642 67379

Dr Phunu Das Sarma

98649 93425

Dr Kalpana Bora




Cotton University Guidance and Counselling Cell Feedback Form :



Prof. Manjit Kumar BhattacharyyaDean, Students Welfare


Dr Prasanta Sarma,  Director, Students Welfare


Dr Phunu Das Sarma, Head, Department of Education, Cotton University

Assistant Coordinator

Dr Kalpana Bora, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Cotton University


  1. Dr Swapnali Das, Assistant Professor, Department of Assamese, Cotton University
  2. Dr Tarali Pathak, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Cotton University
  3. Dr Indrani Sarma, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Cotton University
  4. Dr Suhma Lama, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Cotton University
  5. Dr Ashapura Boro, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Cotton University
  6. Dr Paran Goswami, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Cotton University